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Black Neck Crane Festival
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Juniper Festival
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Korzok Festival

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We design human
experiences. Environments, spaces, products, programs & journeys that transform the way people think, feel and do leading them to Omni well-being & Harmony.
All experiences are collated on our experience platform omniverse.life

Insights & Lab

We explore and interpret the changing landscape of human life on Earth with an omni mindset.
We collaborate with inheritors of indigeneous wisdom, divinely restless, intellectually curious, social influencers, empaths, storytellers, and entrepreneurially practical leaders to help design and prototype meaningful experiences for human progress & well-being.


It begins with a belief. Progress from creative thought applied to the shared challenges of our time.
We are a creative collective united by the belief that design defines human progress and well-being. We are nimble
translators, reinterpreting ancient best practices and aligning with nature to transform spaces, community infrastructure, people, products, brands, and experiences


Our Strength Comes from diversity, and a relentless pursuit of truth in all that we do. We are a collaborative &
curious trans-disciplinary team animated by joy, inspired by indigenous wisdom and motivated by the vision of
an enlightened and harmonious world.

Who We Are